Encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions and bring together a global community to celebrate them. Catalyze positive change through creativity. Interact without judgement; open, mindful, and aware. Lead by example and be accountable for action. Useful and generous to one another. Ask more questions than know answers. Engage and participate in the spectacle of life. Continue long after our four days together.

Collective actions create results.

This is the Wonderfruit way, and we hope you can join us on this colorful journey:
Enjoy our world.
Appreciate and respect all elements in The Fields.

Keep our playground clean. Separate waste and keep your trash where it belongs.

Always reduce, reuse, refill.
Welcome the new.
Embrace everyone as a part of Wonderfruit.

Learn, explore, and enjoy.

Get involved. Try something you’ve never done before.

Leave your ego.
Consume consciously.
Bring your own refillable cup, or purchase one from Wonderfruit.

Enjoy your food. Waste less.

Be mindful of your impact on our planet. Empower one another. Make actions solutions.
Be considerate.
Give yourself a break. Stay hydrated

Look out for one another. Reach out if you feel unsafe.

Be helpful. Make new friends.
Leave your mark, but no trace.

Volunteer. Be part of it. Do not be just a spectator

Make a plan. Explore every corner of The Fields.

Put down your phone.