Wild Minds
02: Generosity

In the second of our Wild Minds soundscapes series, focussing on the sense and sounds of the qualities of the mind necessary for inner warriorship, producer Howie B explores the meaning of giving and sharing: Generosity.

Settle in for the full soundscape below. We recommend headphones for the full guided experience.

Wild Minds Inner Warrior Guided Soundscape 02 (06:38)


Generosity is the willingness or impulse to offer what we have to others—without the expectation of reciprocity. Building a habit of generosity makes giving easier, and lowers the expectations that come with giving.

Generosity has held a special place in all the recognizable consciousness disciplines and religions, as both a means and an end. It is often presented as a force able to be deployed against greed, attachment, and hatred.

Traditional wisdom, like that contained in the teachings of Buddhism, describes three levels of generosity: beggarly, brotherly, and kingly. In beggarly giving, we give—with hesitation and consideration—the least valuable of what we have. In brotherly giving, we share equally. In kingly giving, we unhesitatingly offer that which we most value for the pleasure and enjoyment of others.

For someone to reach a level of kingly giving, they must be free of greed, attachment, and resentment. Once these factors are overcome, generosity is the only possible response. Giving becomes a natural and joyful expression, rather than a sacrifice of any kind.

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